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Natural Medicine
 Take Control of Your Health
with demystified information using
the Five Aspects of Whole Health 
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Self-Care and taking control of our health is the #1 priority for all of us these days. You can learn to address and resolve ongoing healthcare concerns and prevent the development of dis-ease, with a demystified, evidence based understanding of the how and why of the state of your health!


The National Institute of Whole Health, Pioneers of the Whole Health movement and Whole Health Education® since 1977, is pleased to now offer the general public individual audio courses on a wide variety of self-care topics addressing the many factors affecting our well-being, as well as chronic health issues and disease prevention.

You can enjoy a single Health Thyself audio course exploring a chosen topic, or multiple titles. If you choose  to earn a certificate in Whole Health Self Care with the purchase of 35 audio courses (7 from each of the 5 Aspects), you will receive an additional three free audio course lectures. Upon completion and submission of the course feedback forms, you will earn a handsome certificate in Whole Health Self Care! For less than the cost of your morning coffee, you can enjoy the knowledge you need to live your best life!

Our Whole Health presentations were recorded at Boston area hospitals and medical schools. These evidence-based courses provide the scientific information, yet simplified WHOLE PERSON HEALTH perspective to empower you with the knowledge needed to make the best choices to health thyself and either create or maintain optimal well-being and longevity. For less than $3.00 per course - you have over 60 courses to choose from - to change and enhance your health!


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